About Me


Mili Koey

Born in Spain in 1993. I’ve always had a pencil between my fingers since I was child. I grew up with Japanese TV’ series and Disney films, for that reason, when I finished the High School decided to become an illustrator  and to live with my passion: draw and create.

If you have a look to my work, probably you’ll find a lot of color, fantasy creatures and a special love for the nature elements. Although, you can find a lot of different styles: from cartoon or illustration for children, concept art, semi realistic or realistic works.

 I worked as graphic designer and illustrator in a spanish clothes’ company for children in Málaga.

Nowadays, I’m studying pre-production of animation in Valencia to improve my skills. The rest of the time I accept some commissions or others freelances works, and over all, I draw whatever my mind can imagine.

Contact:  milikoey@gmail.com